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Alexander Cendrowski is a lemonade, octopus, and socks enthusiast from some beach in Florida. Clones of his body can be found in the classrooms of the University of South Florida, where he teaches creative writing and literature. Clones of his brain can be found in HobartPINBALLCleaver Magazine, and elsewhere, if you believe hard enough.

Alex's fiction, comics, and digital monstrosities are predominantly experimental, often overly-complicated, and sometimes funny. He's currently working on a hybrid novel, The Aquanaut Hotel, about a hotel at the bottom of the ocean and all the horrible consequences that entails.

If it's the kind of thing that interests you, you can check out my current CV.

If you’re interested in editing services, ghostwriting, readings, or anything you can come up with, please reach out to me via email at:


All work and words on this site appeared first in Alex's brain, unless otherwise stated.