Building an aural narrative from scratch (DHSI 2019)

I’ve had an extremely busy year—I graduated with my MFA, got a job as a Visiting Instructor at the same school, and got engaged to the love of my life. This blog/research update log has suffered under those circumstances. And it probably will continue to do so.

But. I’m making a post now just to share a piece of multimodal content I was lucky enough to create a week ago. Part of my job is working as a Digital Teaching Fellow with Kristin Allukian and other VIs, and it’s through that opportunity that I was opened to another one, the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI). I was lucky to be invited (and given money) to go, and while there took a “Sound and Digital Humanities Class” with John F. Barber. The class was widely educational on both the nature of sound editing and aural storytelling, and I used the space to work on an aural narrative based on a scene from my book, The Aquanaut. The book is dominating my headspace this summer as I crack away at a final revision, and so it felt impossible for it not to leak its way into my learning of Audacity and sound design.

Here’s a taste, complete with the vocal talents of Colleen Kolba and otherwise made from scratch: